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Top 5 Solar Garden Lights | Let Your Garden Glow in 2021

If you’re looking to add that touch of class to your garden this year but you’re stuck for ideas, solar powered garden lights are a great choice.

So look no further at house and garden gadgets we’ve got you covered with our top five solar garden lights for 2020!

Illuminate those dark corners of your back yard and make your garden glow as darkness sets in with atmospheric solar powered garden lights.

If you love entertaining in the garden on those warm summer evenings what better way to add an extra touch of class than a solar-powered flickering flame tiki torch lighting up your garden path.

Maybe you love that contemporary feel? Imagine hosting a dinner party with classic mood lighting emitting from sleek modern solar powered patio lights.

The great thing about outdoor solar lights, other than they look amazing is they cost nothing to run and leave hardly any carbon footprint.

Be green and clean with a garden that looks like a movie set.

Ok, let’s dive into our top 5 solar garden lights.

1. Crystal Ball Solar Lights

solar garden crystal lightsWe love these lights for their versatility, the crystal ball solar light is perfect for adding that touch of class to any summer party.

 But what makes these classy solar garden lights shine (🙈) is their ability to look great in any type of occasion.

 Wedding receptions, formal gatherings, Christmas and new year, the crystal ball solar light have you covered.

 A great all-round light that not only looks good but will save you money in the long run. 

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    2. LED Solar Pathway Lights

    solar powered garden lights

    If you’re looking to make your garden path pop at night, then the solar-powered disc lights are what you need.

    These neat compact lights are so easy to add to any feature, you can use them for your flower beds to make your plants glow at night bringing another dimension to your garden.

    Do you have steps leading up to your house? If so, why not light the way with disc lights on every step, how cool would that look! 

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    3. Solar Flame Tiki Lights

    solar flame tiki torches

    If we could sum up solar flame tiki torches in one word it would be atmospheric.

    The mesmerizing flame effect of these wonderful mood setting solar torches transforms your garden into a Polynesian jungle paradise or a winter wonderland, depending on the time of year.

    If you're looking to add fun accompanied with that wow factor, then solar tiki torches are certainly worth a look.

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    4. Owl Solar Lights

    Owl solar light

    Ok so not for everyone’s taste, well unless you love owls or nature but wow, they look so lifelike!

    Can you imagine looking out into the darkness of your back garden seeing those piercing eyes glowing right back at you, a bit scary but so cool?

    One of the fun things about owl solar lights is where you place them, you can let your imagination run wild.

    In a tree or bush or on a fence, freak your neighbours out. Make sure you get your solar powered owl lights for Halloween this year, perfect for that spooky display!

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    5. Solar Powered Security light (Our Pick)

    Solar powered security lights

    We’ve covered ornamental solar lights in this top 5 but we think it's worth adding solar powered security lights as they are equally a great addition to any back garden or above a front door.

    Although the function is different, we believe every garden could benefit from a security light whether it runs on solar power or electric.

    The security light we have chosen has a dual function, it has all the features and more importantly the benefits you would come to expect with the best solar powered security lights.

    The motion sensor is a great feature and deterrent, if the light detects movement it kicks into full power mode and emits a more powerful and brighter light.

    The bonus you get with this particular solar powered security light is the contemporary style, great for that modern look. Adding several lights on a large wall or a patio will finish off any environment or space with an elegant and classy feel.  Check Out Product Details


    If you’re looking to illuminate your house or garden without breaking the bank or spending a fortune on electricity, then solar-powered lighting is something that will interest you.

    One of the many plus sides of solar lighting is the low maintenance, no plugs so no power sockets needed!  You have free rain to decorate your outside space anywhere you like!

    With a huge range of styles and functions to choose from, you’ll find the perfect lights for your taste. From modern security lights to atmospheric tiki torches, will you make your garden glow in 2020?

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