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Top 5 Unusual kitchen Gadgets That Are Actually Useful

You know what's funny when we were researching this blog post about unusual and weird kitchen gadgets it dawned on us that the word "gadget" can sometimes put people off.

I guess when you think about it there are a lot of gadgets out there that really are actually gimmicks, they serve no purpose other than to look cool and catch the eye of the unsuspecting shopper.

With this in mind, we wanted to find 5 of the best unique kitchen gadgets that you might not have seen or heard of before.

And of course, they actually have a useful function and help make life easier and even fun in the kitchen.

So let's get straight to it, here's the rundown of our top five unusual kitchen gadgets.

Number 1

Electric Omelette And Egg Roll Maker

Electric Omelette Maker

Making breakfast and cooking eggs just got so much easier and fun with the electric omelette maker.
It's so simple and easy to use, crack your eggs in and watch the magic happen!
But it doesn't end there, make your perfect omelette by adding any ingredients you like, Ham, Cheese, Sausage, the sky's the limit.
All you need to do is just roll up and slide into the chamber crack a couple of eggs on top and get ready for it to rise out the top.
All this in only 7 mins makes it perfect for an on the go snack too. Eggcited yet?....check it out here.
Number 2
Universal Clip-on Pot Strainer
The one size fits all clip-on pot strainer is one of those products that's so effective and simple to use, we wonder why it hasn't been around for years.
When it comes to straining extremely hot liquid the clip-on pot strainer is absolutely brilliant.
It will save you from painful splashbacks when trying to drain hot cooked food and allows you to use two hands on heavy pots.
Not forgetting your food stays in the pan and not in the sink or broken up in a separate strainer!
Take a look at the funky different colours and great prices here.
Number 3
Stainless Steel Coffee And Spice Grinder

Stainless steel coffee and spice grinder

Making coffee and home cooking is understandably extremely popular in recent months, so it makes sense to equip your kitchen with the tools you need.
Creating your own herb and spice blends or grinding up nuts for your favourite ice cream toppings is all in days work for this supercharged spice grinder.
Fancy becoming a home barista? With our stainless steel coffee grinder, you can grind your own beans and make ultra-fresh coffee.
It's time to create your own house blend! Take a look here. 

Number 4All in One Measuring Jug And Kitchen Scales

All in one kitchen scales and measuring jug

The all in one kitchen scales and measuring jug is an ingenious piece of kitchenware that will not only save you time and space in the kitchen but will also be lighter on your bank balance.

Incorporating kitchen scales in all the standard measurements, measuring jug up to 600ml and a built-in thermometer how cool is thatūüėČ!

Easy to clean and extremely durable, creating meals with the all in one kitchen scales is so much simpler, less messy with hardly any washing up! Check out all the impressive features here. 


Rapid Defrost Tray

Rapid defrost tray

One word for the rapid defrost tray is..time saver (ok that may be two)!

How many times have you gone to work or out for the day and forgot to get the dinner out of the freezer? It's ok we've all been there. 

Do you keep your pet food in the freezer? Have you ever forgotten to get it out the night before?

The guilt you feel when your best pal looks you in the eye wondering where his breakfast is!

This is where the rapid defrost tray saves the day, thaw chicken breast, steak, mince and more in just 30 to 60mins (depending on the size).

Made out of a high quality thermal conductive material the rapid defrosting tray speeds up the thawing process up to nine times faster! Find out how here.


So what do you think, would you have these in your kitchen?

The great thing about this list is they do not break the bank and are very affordable and take up very little space in your kitchen.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any of these or in fact something different to our list.

Don't forget to share with your friends and family we would really appreciate that...have a great oneūüėĄ!

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  • All the items look very useful!

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