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What Do Blackbirds Eat? | The Early Bird Catches the Worm

One of Europe's most familiar birds, before we dive into some awesome facts about blackbirds lets talk about what makes this solitary bird so recognizable.

The blackbird is a common example of a species with very obvious differences between males and females.

The adult males are a striking jet black with a bright orange to yellow beak, while the females colour is a bit more complex, a dark brown body and a mottled dark-spotted underbelly.

The Blackbird can be found throughout all of Europe but rare in Iceland. The preferred habitat varies between woods, gardens, parks and farmland with tall hedges.

Essentially it's a bird of woodland with rotting leaf litter and good cover, but also quite at home in gardens frequenting bird tables happily.

The early rising blackbird can be heard leading the dawn chorus in most suburban and woodland areas often followed by a sharp pink pink pink as it takes flight and starts the hunt for breakfast!

Blackbird Facts

Blackbird Feeding Habits, what do Blackbirds eat?

The black enjoys quite a varied diet, worms, insects, and invertebrates of all kinds on the ground, often noisily exploring leaf litter.

Fruit, berries on bushes and often visiting bird tables looking for scraps, usually things like scattered apples and bread.

Blackbird eating

What does a Blackbird look like?

Unlike the Blue Tit or Robin, the Blackbird does not boast an array of mixed colours, but make no mistake this takes nothing away from the vivid black male with contrasting orange/yellow beak. The female is strangely a more subtle brown with spots on the breast. 

Female and Male Blackbird

Blackbird Nesting:

A Blackbird's nest is quite a neat affair, grass and mud cup lined with grass usually found in a bush, shrub, low in a tree or hedge. 3 to 5 eggs laid in 2 to 4 broods between march and august.

Blackbirds Nest

What does a Blackbird sound like?

The Robin's voice is a sharp, short, abrupt tik, series of tik-tik-tik-tik-tik, high, thin seep; song rich, full, varied warbling in a long musical series in autumn, winter more melancholy.

A Blackbird singing

The Blackbird in flight:

The flight pattern of a Blackbird is usually a low quick swooping in to cover, more undulating over longer a longer range with flurries of wingbeats, with that characteristic raised til on landing.

Flight pattern:- /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

Blackbird in flight

Blackbird Stats:

  • Length: 24-25cms (9½ -10in)
  • Wingspan: 34-38cms (13½-15in)
  • Weight: 80-110g
  • Social: Family Groups
  • Life Span:upto 5 years
  • Status: Secure


Another iconic bird in British history the blackbird is a symbol of early morning mystery and the last flight at dusk.

With a beautiful dawn chorus, the highly successful blackbird can be enjoyed throughout Europe because of its adaptability to most environments.

This fascinating bird is a true delight to watch and enjoy.

If you find yourself up early one morning grab a coffee and take a look out the window, you may just catch a dark shadow with a flash of yellow dart past your window.

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