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Our Story

It all started with a Garlic Crusher! Yep hard to believe but that's how this store came about.

One evening I was preparing (well actually inventing) a family meal and I decided to use garlic in the sauce I was concocting!

When we all sat down at the table and tucked in I noticed there were a few bigger pieces of garlic in my awesome sauce (well in my mind it was awesome!) and of course one of the children found one, all hell broke loose....."this is disgusting" I think was the the comment!

My Garlic chopping skills it seemed, we're not up to scratch!

I was gutted about negative comments, but I wasn't about to give up, as the sauce actually tasted quite nice, minus the huge bits of garlic.

The breakthrough came one late night, I was ready to go to bed when an infomercial came on the T.V., I can't actually remember what the product was but my gaze was caught by something else!

The presenter was going through the motions with a well known T.V. chef using this amazing kitchen tool (actually It may of been an air fryer) when he started to prepare his ingredients.

He was using garlic in his sauce! I was so tired my eye lids we're actually burning but "I had to watch how he chopped his garlic" (that's something I never thought I'd hear myself say!).

I couldn't believe it, he didn't use a knife at all, he used a garlic crusher...genius!

Next day I found a store online and ordered one, I still use it to this day and now the whole process of preparing garlic is so easy and fast.

That's where the idea for came about, if this one (gadget) made just one small simple task so much easier then there had to be more great Accesories/Gadgets out there.

Here we are in 2019 and what you will see on our store is what we found in our journey to find "Effective, Great Value Gadgets and Accessories" (remember there are no gimmicks on this store)!

Ranging from house to garden, bedroom to bathroom and pets to kitchenettes you'll find amazing little and sometimes large gadgets that will make those hard tedious jobs around the home so much more bearable and even fun!

All the best


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