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Electric Omelette and Egg Roll Maker

Electric Omelette and Egg Roll Maker

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Do you love eggs but are getting bored of the same old recipes?

Maybe you would like to add more eggs into your diet but not a fan of fried, boiled or scrambled?

Every time you try and cook an Omelette do you always end up burning it, undercooking it, finding it sloppy in the middle? Or does it always end up a scrambled mess?

Would you like to introduce eggs into your little one's meals? without them complaining about the look and texture!

Eggs are an amazing source of vitamins, minerals and protein and a great addition to a healthy diet (as long as your not allergic of course).

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Our electric omelette maker is the perfect fun, easy and let's face it an unusual way of cooking eggs and omelettes.

Electric Omelette Maker

Electric Omelette Maker

Making egg rolls and omelettes could not be easier, how easy is it? well, as long as you can crack an egg you're done!

Yup that easy, brush a little oil to the inner cavity with the brush supplied, crack in your eggs and watch the magic happen!

How simple is that? It's quick too in around seven minutes the omelette will start to rise from the inner cavity letting you know it ready.

BUT it doesn't end there, why not experiment? Try adding ham and cheese even sausage to your omelette, add whatever filling you desire and crack your eggs on top!

Automatic Omelette and Egg Roll Maker

This great multifunctional egg maker ideal for people with a busy work schedule or household all you need to do crack the eggs and let the omelette maker will let you know when they're ready, saving so much time.

The Automatic Omelette and Egg Roll Maker is a must-have for any kitchen

  • Make great-tasting omelettes and egg rolls in just a few minutes without worrying about over or under-cooking.
  • Easily add your own ingredients to create yummy omelettes like cheese and ham, sausage, Spanish the choice is yours to experiment with.
  • A must if your life is a hectic one, crack the eggs and whatever other ingredients you want and your omelette maker will let you know when it's ready!
  • Create a healthy, nutritious breakfast with no effort and in minutes, does it get any better!
  • A fun way to introduce eggs and veg into your little one's diet.

The maintenance of your electric omelette maker is just a simple as the cooking, just remove the bottom plug and cover and use the brush provided to clean the non-stick cavity with a little soapy water.

Just an all-round great way to enjoy your breakfast or snack on the go, is it time to make your life easier in the kitchen?

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Techy Bit

  • Material: ABS, silicone. 304 stainless steel
  • Color: white / yellow / blue / red
  • Voltage: 110V / 220-240V
  • Power: 280W
  • Size: 17 x 23cms
  • Cooking time: 7 minutes

Electric omelette maker

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