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Fat ball Bird Feeder

Fat Ball Bird Feeder

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Are you ready to look after your garden birds this Spring?

Suet or commonly known as Fat Balls are among the best high energy food you can give your garden birds this winter!

Our Fat/Suet ball bird feeder is perfect for storing up to four even five (depending on size) Fat Balls.

Made with simplicity in mind because filling it up couldn't be easier, just lift the lid up fill with your favourite fat balls and it will drop back....easy.

Hang from a tree or balcony in fact anywhere you can get a good view, just remember to hang high enough away from ground predators!

Your Birds will love you for it and keep coming back to your garden all winter!!

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  • Large loop making it easy to hang from any branch
  • Stores up to 5 Fat Ball (depending on size)
  • Easily large enough for several birds to feed at once
  • Extremely easy to fill.


  • Size: 31 x 7cms /12.20 x 2.76ins
  • Material: iron
  • Weight: about 120 g
  • Colour: dark green 

Part of our Half Price Spring Bird Feeder Sale, let's keep our feathered friends happy this Summer.

Fat ball Bird FeederFat ball Bird FeederFat ball Bird Feeder

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