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Red Glow in the Dark LED Dog Collar

High Resolution LED Dog Collar

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Keeping your pet safe at night while walking can be somewhat challenging in many situations.
For example, trying to see your dog playing around at the bottom of your garden at night can be near on impossible right? 

But when your beloved pouch is not in the safety of your back garden is when the alarm bells can start ringing especially at night!

Camping or trips to your local beach at night can be a worry when your doggy is out exploring, or when nature calls and you can’t see where they did their business, "time to start hunting with the flashlight!"

Or worst case, what if your little pooch manged to escape at night, it’ll be very difficult for motorists to spot a lost dog darting across the street :-( 

We’re having a crazy sale with huge discounts on all LED dog/pet collars.

With our led dog collars, you can take the stress and worry out of your dog’s nighttime activities and never lose track of where they are.

With awesome night-time visibility you can be confident that if your dog wanders off or even gets lost, that glowing collar will be very easy to pick up in the darkness! 

Resulting in a much safer doggy and even happier owner! 

led dog collar

Product features

  • Choose from seven different colours.
  • Long battery life, around 60-80 hours, around 2-3 months and easily changeable. 
  • Two different light modes, flashing or permanent.
  • Made from a very durable Polyester webbing.
  • Easily adjust the length to suit your pet.

led dog collar


  • Product Name: LED dog collars
  • Material: Polyester webbing 
  • Colours: Red, blue, yellow, green, orange, white and pink.
  • Flashing modes: Long light and Slow flash ( via switch control )
  • Battery: 2 x CR2016 ( included )  
  • Sizes:
  • XS = Width 2CM * Length (28 ~ 40) CM
    S = Width 2.5CM * Length (34 ~ 42) CM
    M = Width 2.5CM * Length (40 ~ 48) CM
    L = Width 2.5CM * Length (45~ 52) CM
    XL = Width 2.5CM * Length (52 ~ 60) CM