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Solar powered security light

LED Solar Powered Security Light with Motion Sensor

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Have you ever thought about installing security lights around your house or garden but the cost outweighed the need?

Just how relieved would you feel knowing you are protecting those dark corners at the bottom of your garden or side alley where your bins are, with a state-of-the-art motion sensor security light?

Let's be honest we all would love to have the security blanket over our property that security lights offer, the problem is the cost can run into the thousands.

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Getting an electrician to install cables, a power outlet and the security light itself is very costly and that's not including purchasing the light itself.

As you can see it does all add up and it's not surprising a vast majority of homes are without security lighting.

If you fall into this category or you want to add security lights to your property with a low carbon footprint then we have the perfect solution for you, solar-powered security lights!

LED Solar Powered Security Light with Motion Sensor

Without a doubt, solar-powered security lights are not only an incredibly cost-effective solution to your outdoor home security needs but their extremely low carbon footprint is environmentally friendly.

You don't need an electrician to fit cables, wiring or power outlets, all you need to do is choose your spot and fix it to the wall or surface with a couple of screws. How easy is that?

solar powered security lights

Ok, so your interested but what the deal it all sounds too good to be true right? There must be a catch?

We're trying to think of one but nope no catch, I guess there is the choice between the amazing standard solar powered security light or upgrade to the motion sensor version for a few dollars.

"Plus the more you buy the more you save with our bundle deals!"

But that's more like a bonus than a catch right?

Yes, that right they also come with the choice of a motion sensor too, an awesome upgrade that brings the security aspect to another level.

Ok, let's take a look at the benefits of our LED Solar Powered Security Light with Motion Sensor.

Cost - Let get it out there straight away, our prices are a fraction of what it would cost to get an electrician to install mains-powered security lighting, plus you can easily install these yourself. Saving pennies every step of the way.

Easy to install - As we mentioned earlier our security lights are super simple to install all you need is two screws to fix safely to your chosen surface. (Please make sure you check for electric cables, pipes, etc before you fix to any surface.)

Great Design - Ok, so we want the solar-powered security lights to do their job but we want them to look good to right? Nothing worse than having poorly designed oversized lights with wires running all over your walls and surfaces...not a good look! Remember with our lights you won't find a single wire or cable in sight.

LED Solar Powered Security Light with Motion Sensor

With the smooth sleek lines of our low key contemporary-looking security lights, you'll not only be getting the peace of mind the LED Solar Powered Security Light brings but you'll also be adding that modern finishing touch to your wonderful home.

Techy Bit

Solar powered security light


  • Body MaterialStainless Steel
  • Power SourceSolar
  • Light Source: Four LED Bulbs
  • Voltage6V
  • FeaturesPIR motion sensor / Or Without
  • Solar Cell TypeLithium Battery  

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