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Magnetic LED Phone Charger Cable for iPhone and Android

Magnetic LED Phone Charger Cable for iPhone and Android

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Our innovative magnetic phone chargers are a game-changer when it comes to versatility and ease when charging your phone or device.

Built with a magnetic adaptor that has a 360% rotation and an elbow joint connector that prevents the charger cable from wearing out and breaking, a common feature on the normal straight join connectors.

The magnetic feature really is a fantastic design, it's super simple to connect. The powerful magnet draws the cable in from any angle, and click you easy is that.

Perfect for heavy charger use!

The LED light on the connector is perfect when you want to charge your phone at night and you can't be bothered to get up and turn the light on😉.

magnetic charger


  • Led Lit Charger - Great for night-time charging and shows when the cable is active(looks cool too)
  • The Heavy Duty Nylon Cable - and specially designed aluminum connector makes this a must for any gamer and those who use their devices heavily!
  • 360° Rotation - prevents tangled cables and broken connectors.
  • Charging is so Simple - The plug and cable are separate. This allows the plug to stay on the phone making a connection to the charger super quick
  • Dust-proof Plug - The magnet connector acts as a dust-proof plug which will keep your phone battery port dust-free, prolonging the life of your device. 
  • Three Different Connectors - iPhone, Android, Micro USB, and Superfast Type C, most devices covered.

magnetic charger

Please note Micro USB and Type C are also suitable for all Android devices.

magnetic charger


  • Ultra Durable.
  • Made of High-quality Nylon braided cord and Aluminium metal case.
  • Short circuit chip to ensure that it is temperature resistant.
  • Flame retardant.
  • LED Indicator + Dust Proof Plug
  • iPhone & Micro USB & Type C compatible connectors
  • Perfect for gamers.


Magnetic Charger

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