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Non stick Griddle Pan with Removable Handle

Non stick Griddle Pan with Removable Handle

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"If you love cooking meat you're going to love this versatile griddle pan, with aĀ brilliant little featurešŸ˜‰"

There is nothing like cooking the perfect steak on a griddle pan, the taste is just out of this world.

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Actually the same goes for any meat, even vegetables flash fried on a griddle, you're rewarded with that charred finish that just takes the flavour to a different level...delish!

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Salmon fillet, pork chops and even chicken take on a whole new char-grilled flavour, and breakfast, wow!Ā  Bacon and sausage just get even more delightful (if that's possiblešŸ˜†).

The unique feature thatĀ really sets this pan apart from others is the removable handle.

Let us explain why?

You may have seen chefs on tv sear or brown meat in a very expensive skillet, frying or griddle pan and then finish the cooking by putting the pan straight into the oven.

You may be wondering why do they do this?

Searing meat serves the dual purpose of building flavour and texture while keeping the juices locked in when you cook in the oven. This stops the meat drying out and becoming tough!

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No pan does this better in our humble opinion than a griddle or a skillet!

Now most inexpensive pans do not come with aĀ  removable or even ovenproof handle making this whole process obsolete and you miss out on some wonderful flavours.

Even the ovenproof handles you get with expensive griddle pans can be a huge disadvantage.

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The amount of timesĀ chefs burn their hands, not by getting pans out of the oven but by forgetting the handle is still red hot once they're out...ouch!

This is where our pan really sets itself apart, by removing the handle before you put your pan in the oven and attaching it when you take it out, will prevent extremely painful burns and that's a winner in our book!


Features and Benefits

āœ…Removable Handle - From the stove straight into the ovenĀ with ease,Ā  and much safer.

āœ…Non-Toxic PFOA Free Coating - Super Non-Stick meaning food won't stick and burn plus super simple to clean and dishwasher safe.

āœ…Built to Last - Suitable for induction, gas, electric, ceramic, halogen hobs and of course oven safe up toĀ 480Ā°F.

āœ…Ridges Build Flavour- TheĀ bars in your pan get you that char-grilled taste that every meat lover craves.

All at an incredibly affordable price.



Material: Non StickĀ AluminiumĀ 

Size: 26cm in Diameter

dishwasher safe


easily wasable

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