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Periodic Table Throw Blanket

Periodic Table Throw Blanket

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Cuddle up warm on the sofa with a hot drink and a book with the periodic table blanket.

This stunning-looking blanket has a complete periodic table in vivid colors that really do make this a unique, luxurious blanket standout.

Not only does this amazing blanket look incredible it ticks all the boxes too! Made from ultra-soft Anti Pilling fleece that is machine washable this blanket is by no means one dimensional.periodic table blanket

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You can use it as a comfort blanket of course but why not try it as a bed cover, sofa throw over, towel even wall art! the Periodic table blanket is extremely versatile and suitable for all.

The perfect gift for science nerds 🤓 and kids, keep the little ones warm and educate them at the same time....Genius!

periodic table blanket


✅Machine Washable and fast drying.

✅Anti Pilling material will keep your blankets stunning visuals lasting longer. 

✅Ideal for camping, beach days and picnics.

✅Perfect for cuddling up on the sofa or an attractive throw-over.

✅Comes in 3 different sizes.

periodic table blanket

periodic table blanket


Material: Flannel with satin trim/fleece (back)

Sizes: Large 100x120cms,

          X Large 120x150cms

          XX Large 150x200cms

What's in the box?1 x Periodic Table Blanket 

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