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Rechargeable Professional Dog Grooming kit

Rechargeable Professional Dog Grooming kit

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Is it time for your dog to go to the groomers, but the problem is you can't get there?

If you have a shaggy or long-haired dog tangles and knots may start to appear without regular trips to the groomers. This makes brushing so difficult and very uncomfortable for your doggy.

Are you worried that your dog's coat is going to get painfully matted if you can't get that much-needed trim! 

Well right now you're not alone and it's a problem, especially if you regularly use a professional dog groomer. 

So what are your options if you can't get your dog to the groomers?

You could let your pet's hair grow, but without regular brushing with a great quality slicker brush, you may start to start to see painful matting and tangles forming.

The hair around your dog's fringe and paws may grow too long and start irritating and annoying your pet.

We have a better option all round, our clippers are perfect for keeping your pet's hair in check and preventing a painful grooming session if you forget to regularly brush your dog!

Well if you choose the latter (and we really think it's a good idea) we have the ideal dog grooming kits that cover everything you need.

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Ok, so what are the benefits of me trimming my dog's coat at home?

✅ keep that wild fringe in check, whenever you need to.
✅ Smarten up that overgrown teddy bear cut.
✅ Easily and safely trim your best friends out of control coat.
✅ Keeping your dogs coat in check will prevent painful tangles and matting.
✅ Super easy to clean and hypoallergenic.
✅ Save money on expensive grooming costs.
✅ One year warranty.
✅ USB charging allowing you to charge anywhere.
✅ A single charge lasts an amazing 2 hours, ideal if you have more than one pet.
✅ Low noise and vibration, essential for nervous or noise-sensitive pets.

    Professional dog clippers

    Please be aware not all dog coats are suitable for clipping, in particular, double-coated breeds including, but not limited to, Labrador, Husky, Chow Chow, Malamute, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, and Pomeranian.


    ✅Wireless: No cables getting in your way! You can groom your pet anywhere you like even in the garden!

    ✅Ergonomically Designed: You need to be in total comfort and control, with our design you get both, making for an easier trim for you and your pet.

    ✅Rechargeable Batteries: Not only do you save time and money but with USB charging you can charge from anywhere with a USB port like a laptop or use a USB plug...simple!

    ✅Charging Time: In just 3 to 5 hours you're ready to go for up to 2 hours of grooming, trim all your pets in a row no problem.

    ✅5 adjustable settings:  With this many settings you can trim your pet's hair to any length you need quickly and easily.

    How to clean dog clippers

    Please Note due to airline restrictions we cannot ship the blade oil.

    We recommend using this oil for your clippers it has some great feedback.

    ok so you might be thinking this all sounds great but I'm not sure how to trim my dog, after all, you've probably never had to?

    This 3 part video series will help show you how to use your clippers safely. 

    For more information on clipping your dog's hair please check out this article


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     If you're not sure what type of coat your dog has or if they have signs of matting and you're unsure what to do, we would recommend you seek out professional advice first.

    Remember, If you are unsure or worried you may damage your pet we highly recommend you get advice from a professional groomer.