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Rotating Snack Box

Rotating Snack Box

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poup with stuff in it close

Perfect for¬†children's parties, sleepovers and treat time (but only if they're good)ūüėÜ!

It's the holiday season and the kids are on their summer break, which means lots of hungry mouths at home! 

Why not make snack time more fun and exciting with our rotating snack box.

Our layered rotating snack box is the perfect centerpiece for any grand buffet table or kid's treat box.

rotating snack box

 Serve up to 10 different food items from one snack box!

But what if you only have a small space? No problem the Rotating Petal Snack Box is absolutely ideal for a smaller table too.

HOW? Because you can present a huge selection of nibbles and snacks in one awesome compact container.

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Maybe you're looking for that unusual eye-popping gift that doesn't break the bank and you can't find in any shops?

Then look no further because our rotating petal snack box is the answer, it's absolutely ideal for someone who:

  • Loves Cooking: Perfect for¬†canape's¬†at a dinner party
  • Likes Throwing Parties: A show-stopping centerpiece for any buffet¬†
  • Has a large Family: Brilliant for storing a crazy amount of snacks for kids and adults.
  • Loves Christmas and New Year: Then you can¬†show off the¬†largest nut or sweet selection your family has ever seen (not to boast of courseūüėČ)
  • Wants the Family Eating Better: Load up the snack box with healthy treats and dips (awesome¬†for Crudit√©s)
  • Has¬†children: Perfect for kids parties sleepovers and treat time (but only if they're good)ūüėÜ

petal snack box

Got the boys round for cards night or maybe the girls are coming over for wine and nibbles, the rotating petal snack box is just what you need, simply stylish and unique.

petal snack box

Fancy a lazy night in chilling out watching some Netflix eating your favorite treats, we've got you covered!

rotating snack box full of treats

Anti-skid pads to keep the snack box secure on any surface!Non slip feet

Product Sizes

Small Rotating Snack Box: 4 Trays

small rotating snack box

Medium Rotating Snack Box: 4 Trays larger tray size than smallmedium size rotating snack box

Large Rotating Snack Box: 10 Trayslarge snack box 

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Is the Rotating Snack Box difficult to clean.

A. Good question and the answer is NO it's super simple the non-toxic ABS plastic material makes it a breeze to clean, soapy water and rinse...job done!

Q. How strong is the snack box?

A.The rotating Snack Box is not only environmentally friendly but extremely strong and durable, ideal for hungry hands!

Q.Is it easy to use?

A.YES!, simply twist the cap at the top to open and boom, your trays are ready to use, when you've finished just twist the cap back and you're done!

Great snack selection

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