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Self Cleaning Pet Slicker Brush

Self Cleaning Pet Slicker Brush

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Are your furniture and carpets always covered in pet hair? Is your vacuum cleaner constantly clogging up with fur? 

Does this sound familiar? We love our pets to the moon and back but it's so frustrating cleaning up pet hair day after day.

Imagine that new chair or sofa you really want but your so concerned that your pet will ruin it leaving a layer of fur that's almost impossible to vacuum off!

Or maybe you already have great looking furniture but you never see it because you have a sheet or a blanket covering it up all the time to stop it getting ruined. That's fine but you never get to see it!

Possibly the worst is when your pet is molting, hair literally in every corner of your house that your constantly trying to clean up, it's a soul-destroying task.

But we love them so we have to put up with it right?

Actually NO you don't, a simple 5-minute groom with our self-cleaning slicker brush will save you hours of cleaning each week.

Regular brushing is very important for your pet too, removing dead hair and dry skin while distributing the natural oils for a clean and healthier coat.  Not only will your pet love you for it but it's a great time to bond with them too.

Slicker brush

Now, of course, there will always be some hair to pick up from your pet especially when in molt, but just one look at the slicker brush after a 5-minute groom you'll see what could have been all over your home!

Here are just some of the benefits you get when you use our slicker brush.

✅ Save on hours of cleaning and vacuuming furniture every week.

✅Make your home a much healthier environment, vital if you or anyone at home has allergies brought on by pet hair.

✅ Help your pet's coat stay in a tip-top condition making a happier pet and healthier pet.

✅Protect your expensive furniture getting ruined with ground-in pet hair and bad smell.

✅see how easy our slicker brush is to clean with its self-cleaning function.

✅It can be used happily on a small cat or rabbit up to a large dog, one brush is suitable for all pet sizes saving you money too!

✅Ergonomically designed handle with a soft grip makes grooming your pet much easier and more comfortable!

Self cleaning slicker brush
Slicker brush

Slicker brush

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