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Super Charged Stainless Steel Coffee and Spice Grinder

Super Charged Stainless Steel Coffee and Spice Grinder

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Two questions we want to ask?

Do you love cooking? Are you crazy about coffee? If you are either of these or better still both then read on as our Coffee and Spice Grinder is perfect for you!

Love cooking?

Creating or following recipes, in fact, cooking at home in general has become extremely popular in the last decade or so with t.v. chefs like Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, Wolfgang Puck, and Marcus Samuelsson.

These great chefs have certainly made it cool to cook again.

Stainless Steel Coffee and Spice Grinder

Now if you are looking to take your culinary skills to the next level by creating your own rubs, spice blends, herb mixes, or grind any ingredients for a recipe, our extremely popular electric spice grinder is exactly what you need!

Now here's the part where we tell you how the many different settings and programs this amazing piece of tech has and you must have them, blah, blah...nah!

Stainless Steel Coffee and Spice Grinder


It's super simple, super easy to use and it just works a dream, add whatever ingredients you want and grind. Life is technical enough sometimes and cooking needs to be easy and fun right?

It doesn't hurt that it saves you a bundle of cash not having to buy all different ground spice blends some of which you'll probably never use more than once and looks cool in the kitchen too!

Love BBQ? Now you can create your own rubs for ribs, steaks, brisket and more! Choose your ingredients, blend up your own mix and BBQ like a pro!

Perfect for creating curry's, Simply find your desired recipe add your fresh herbs and spices, and with one push of a button you've created your own curry powder.

There is nothing more rewarding than creating a delicious curry from scratch, now that is a great skill in the kitchen!

Love coffee?

Of course you do, doesn't everyone these days?

We certainly do at House and Garden Gadgets that's why some of us have moved on from Starbucks and costa etc (we still love them though) and started to buy beans and brew our own freshly ground coffee...the smell!!

The taste too, you really can't beat it, and making your own blends with different types of coffee beans is so much fun (not always successful though 😆 ) and interesting too.

Become a home barista and create your own house blend!

Stainless Steel Coffee and Spice Grinder

Lets recap on what our electric coffee and spice blender can do:

  • Blend all manner of spices, pulses, herbs, rices and coffee beans
  • Made from a highly durable stainless steel coupled with razor-sharp blades allows you to grind effortlessly without any wear or tear on your grinder.
  • Absolute sinch to maintain, easily wipe clean with a cloth...job done.
  • An extremely powerful copper motor not only gives you a highly efficient output but you'll also get a long service life.
  • No confusing dials or settings. Simple one-button setup, just press for 5-seconds until you get the consistency you need...couldn't be easier.
  • Lightweight and compact for easy storage or travel.
  • Looks awesome in your kitchen!

Stainless Steel Coffee and Spice Grinder

Get yours today for a fraction of what you'll pay in the shops and get FREE SHIPPING!! We're spreading the summer love 💚

Techy Bit

Plug type: EU plug/UK plug/AU plug/US plug
Voltage: 220V/110V
Size: 160*93mm
Color: silver
Material:  stainless steel

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