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Vintage Apricot Cockapoo Tin Wall Sign

Vintage Apricot Cockapoo Tin Wall Sign

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Show the love for your Cockapoo with our very popular vintage painted wall art.

Made out of high quality tin, this beautifully crafted sign will stand pride of place in any Cockapoo owners home.

Either hang it on the wall or frame it, the words describe a Cockapoo perfectly, personally we would add the "doodle dash" to the list! šŸ•šŸ’ØšŸ¾


  • Great Artwork.
  • ClassicĀ Vibrant ColoursĀ (Non Glare) .
  • Easy to clean.


  • Material:Ā Metal.
  • Shape: Rectangle.
  • Size: 20x30 cms.
  • Weight: 200g.

Apricot cockapoo